Siding Options and Services Available

Siding Installation

Careful planning and preperation brings the best results

Extreme care must be taken when installing any exterior siding. Years of experience are required to be proficient even when working with world class manufacturers and distributors such as James Hardie, Gentek, Kaycan, Maibec, and Cape Cod. While many things need to be done when preparing for installing siding one of the most important things that any installer needs to do is to make sure that all windows and doors are tightly waterproof. When installing siding any leak can cause significant damage that will be very difficult to reach once the material is applied. Siding Guru makes sure that the entire house is waterproof by applying a house wrap. There are several manufacturers that we work with. Some of our favorite recommendations are Tyvek and Typar. After the application of of the house wrap we make sure that any remaining openings are taped shut.

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Seamless Eavestrough Installation

Many common roof leaks are directly due to damaged eavestroughs

One of the most important things on any home is the eavestrough. If the installer is inexperienced, or uses poor materials a poorly installed eavestrough can cause thousands of dollars in damages to a home. It is very important that the eavestrough is sloped on the correct angle to make sure that any water does not overflows into your house. Siding Guru is experienced with correctly sealing all the joints and corners and making sure that any time of the year your house does not leak, have ice damage, or any other problems that can occur with a poorly installed eavestrough. Our staff always explains the proper way to maintaining your eavestrough to ensure years of proper function. There are several tools on the market available to consumers that help avoid debris such as leaves, twigs and other potential hazards for your home.

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Soffit & Fascia Installation

One of the best ways to increase the curb value of your home.

With careful preparation and attention to detail changing your soffit and Fascia can completely change the visual appeal of your home. By applying design principles such as color and contrast, soffit and fascia can provide instant curb appeal and be the final touch on a beautiful home. There are over several dozen different soffit and fascia colors and material combinations. Some of the most popular are; aluminum soffit / fascia, copper soffit / fascia, , cement board soffit / fascia,, James Hardie soffit / fascia, beautiful stained finished wood soffit / fascia, and MDF soffit / fascia. Siding Guru can help you make the right decision when choosing the materials and colors. We have many previous soffit / fascia projects that you can reference to make the best decision in your own home. An important piece of consideration is that the eavestrough must be removed before replacing soffit and fascia.

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Exterior Architectural Trim

Many materials and combinations available to make your home standout

Siding Guru has many years of experience with builders and residential clients who are looking to have their homes stand out from the rest of the homes on the street. One of the best ways is the tasteful application of exterior trim. Exterior trim comes in many variety of colors and materials such as vinyl, stucco, aluminum, stone and faux materials that are artificially created to be durable, inexpensive and require very little maintenance. Siding Guru can help you choose the right size, style, material of exterior architectural trim to match your dream home. Careful consideration must be taken in order not to overdo and to create a tasteful design of exterior architectural trim.

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