Siding Types, Different House Siding Materials


  •   Vinyl siding
  •   Wood siding>
  •   Brick siding
  •   Fiber-cement siding
  •   Stucco siding
  •   Stone and stone-veneer siding.
  •   Horizontal Lap Siding
  •   Shingles
  •   Wood Strip Siding
  •   Metal

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Siding Guru maintains very successful relationships with our clients by making sure that we work with only the best siding manufacturers and siding suppliers of materials. There are literally hundreds of companies out there. Throughout our years of experience we have carefully examined the available suppliers and have established relationships with the best companies out there. We choose to only work with the best because better materials and suppliers allow for better quality finishes, better siding durability and ease of maintenance. Brand name manufacturers are able to provide the best warranties for the consumers and do not care about pinching pennies. Siding manufacturers that are well established have better quality control and are able to assist us directly if there any issues.

  • Popular Siding Material Options:
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James Hardie

  • James Hardie Colors
  • One of the best manufacturers out there. With a solid amount of colors and styles as well as a name known for durabity and quality. Easy to install and comes with a fantastic warranty. James Hardie is one of the best choices for Builders and Residential customers alike


  • Maibec Colors
  • Maibec provides some of the largest variety of materials, not only for siding but for roofing, eavestroughs, and shingles. With a large network of distirbutors supply is not an issue with Maibec

Longboard Siding

  • Longboard Colors
  • Maibec Colors

    One of the most visually beautiful materials available. A classic choice for any designer home. Longboard continues to provide and excellent and stunning finish on any application.


  • Kaycan Colors
  • Maibec Colors

    One of the largest variety of color schemes and finishes kaycan offers and excellent variant of options for any builder or residential owner.

Cape Cod Siding

  • Cape Cod Colors
  • A beautiful selection of wood finishes. Cape Cod is renowned for their use of classical wooden styles and patterns. For an appealing wooden finish Cape Cod is one of the best.

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James Hardie

James Hardie is an Excellent reputation within the industry.


Another popular option with many colors and options available.


An exceptional reputation for quality, Kaycan never dissapoints.


Maibec is one of the industry leaders with a vast selection of options

Cape Cod

Offering a selection of the finest wood siding finish, a fine choice.